Passages Malibu – Grandeur Chance of Recovery

We bring you a lavish and opulent chance to recover in a luxury environment at Passages Malibu. The recovery programs at our facility are specially designed to treat severe addiction issues in a supportive manner. Our Marijuana rehab, in particular, is designed to help people that have developed a dependence on the drug. It offers many luxury amenities that can deal with marijuana dependency side effects such as sleep issues, mood fluctuations, cravings, and physical discomfort.

Passages Malibu has chosen to offer the best care and support to clients so they may easily go through the withdrawal phase and recovery in a gradual manner. The drug rehab programs are designed through a unique combination of holistic therapies and herbal remedies that allow the client to naturally recovery at their own pace. We offer a private journey towards sobriety at our facility, which is why Passages Malibu has devoted 15 acres of space to suit your comfort and privacy needs.

Our luxury rehabilitation services are also well known all over the world because of the authentic blend of natural and herbal rehabilitation programs. Moreover, Passages Malibu has received a no.1 ranking by Healthcare Global for being the best “rehab in the world”. One of the leading business magazines in America, Forbes has also deemed it as the “Most Luxurious Place” for addiction recovery. To put it simply, we aim to provide the finest of luxuries to our clients during recoveries such as fitness centers, tennis courts, dock services, and much more for your comfort.

Expert and Professional Luxury Recovery

Each recovery program is composed to suit the client’s needs, they are assigned a team of professional therapist and staff members that prepare the individualized treatment plan. We have prepared several specified drug rehab programs like Marijuana drug rehab, which are optimized after the assessment of the client. Moreover, the plan is weekly updated and customized so that the client does not feel under-treated or over-treated due to an ill-assigned treatment plan.

Our aim is to provide you guidance and support during your recovery; we offer a structured sober lifestyle in a luxury environment with no hard and fast rules. Unlike other rehab facilities, we do not believe in conventional treatment of addiction, which causes the client to feel alienated and marginalized among the family members. Our alternative form of recovery uses professional holistic therapy to help you get past the stress and issues that might be causing addiction. We do not push our client, nor do we label them as “addicts”, our aim is to simply offer solid support and care to the client.

Marijuana Rehab: The Herbal Detox and Recovery Process

Like many of our other drug rehabilitation programs, the marijuana drug rehab uses an all-natural detox system of recovery. The natural treatment is completely handled by our expert team members, which provide private care to the client.

Our philosophy of treatment uses natural and herbal remedies during the detox stage; these remedies are specially picked out to deal with Marijuana dependency issues. Not only does the natural method of detoxification remove the chances of side effects, but it also improves the overall health of the client. Followed by the detox, the client is given an individualized holistic treatment that uses many scientifically-approved therapies. The holistic therapy and activities are designed to offer private sessions and often times are custom-tailored for your recovery needs.

Chris and Pax Prentiss – The Discoverers of the All-Natural Drug Recovery

Our unique methodology of treatment Passages Malibu does not have hollow roots. Chris and Pax Prentiss have made personal investments and research to make it as comfortable and direct as possible because there is a history behind it. We understand the stress and struggle of addiction, which is why we offer a natural recovery in a luxury environment so you may feel at ease and relaxed throughout the stay.  Pax Prentiss, himself, has gone through the struggle of addiction, in fact, he was dependent on heroin, cocaine, and alcohol.

Under the stress of isolation and addiction, he reached out to his father, Chris Prentiss. Chris encouraged his son to join rehab facilities that were built on the traditional methods of addiction treatment. Unfortunately, these treatments were no help to Pax, he even relapsed due to the pressure of conventional recovery. He felt weak and disheartened by the traditional counseling sessions.

Chris realized that his son needed a different form of treatment, which is why he searched for alternative methods. After some research, Chris and Pax found herbal remedies of addiction, which upon customization with holistic treatments seemed to help Pax become sober. Due to the success of this alternative fusion of the herbal and the holistic, Pax and Chris made it their mission to help others with similar addiction issues.

Thus, Passages Malibu was established, which was built by following all the holistic principles of recovery that originally helped Pax. You can get the same holistic treatment in a luxury environment at Passages Malibu, call us at 866-632-4107 for more information regarding the programs available through our luxury rehab.