Passages Malibu – How Did It Come To Be?

Like many other memorable places in Malibu, our facility also has a history that allowed its success in treating addiction issues. The staff, at Passages Malibu, is always first to offer comfort and luxury because we understand the hardships of individuals that severe addiction issues. The reason for this focus is because the co-owner, Pax Prentiss, has also experienced the same struggle. Once, he had a severe addiction to heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol, which led him to become isolated.

Due to his self-destructive habits of addiction, he had lost all contact with many of his friends and family members. He was on his last leg when he contacted his father to help him find a solution to his addiction habits. Chris Prentiss, upon realizing the severity of his son’s condition, encouraged Pax to join the traditional form of drug and alcohol treatment groups. Pax found a sober solace for a while, but soon relapsed due to the strict regulations that kept him away from family.

Even the expensive conventional programs often labeled patients with addiction issues as “addicts”, this almost felt like a derogatory term if the person relapsed for some reason. The harsh criticism of addiction often labeled it as a self-imposed “disease” that had to be treated and was frowned upon. Moreover, group sessions did not provide respect and dignity to the client; they were humiliated and treated as faulty humans.

Pax thoroughly discussed these issues with his father, who suspected that his son needed a different form of treatment. He, together with his son, exhaustively looked for a treatment that used a different approach and terminology than that of the conventional system. During their research, they found many holistic and herbal remedies for the treatment of addiction, many of which had science-based evidence leading to a successful recovery. It had a mix of western and eastern therapy services, which allowed the treatment to cover all bases.

Pax punctually followed this holistic approach of treatment under the compassionate care and support of his family. He not only found sobriety, but he also developed a structured, holistic lifestyle that allowed him to be happy. Due to the success of this treatment, Pax and Chris realized that there are many people with similar issues, which they could help by providing this healing approach.

Pax and Chris Prentiss scoped out the best location and temperament of the locale to establish Passages. In 2001, they built Passages Malibu to provide a relaxing luxury rehab and retreat to individuals with addiction issues. Now, our services offer the grandest and most opulent services during the rehab, which is built on the healing approach used by Pax Prentiss.

You can get a personalized holistic treatment through our marijuana rehab, which can be modified to treat multiple drug addiction issues. Call our Admissions Department at 866-632-4107 for more information regarding the approach or treatments available through our luxury rehab.