Passages Philosophy – A Brief Look at the Ambitions and Aspirations

The fundamental drive behind Passages Malibu has strong roots on the private holistic philosophy of treatment used in their rehab programs. We have prepared a holistic system of treatments that employs a set of rules of privacy and excellence. The Client is always given the first place at our facility, which is why our philosophy follows the same stem. They are placed at the center of all luxuries and comfort, from where they also receive a structured, holistic treatment.

Private and Attentive Rehab Services

In our Treatments, compassion and support are never far behind, we aspire to offer all rehab related services with respect and dignity. Our Marijuana rehab has been specially designed to reduce discomfort in the clients, which is one of the prominent causes of relapse in such an addiction. Each client is given a private and attentive team, which takes care of their recovery needs with respect. Utmost care is taken during the rehab process so that the client is given the best holistic care.

Holistic Luxury at its Finest

We take pride in providing the “Most Luxurious” rehab services to clients, so we stay true to our place at the top 6% of Luxury rehab facilities. We have also been given the Gold seal of approval by the Joint Commission as well as the Healthcare Global as a reward for the excellent luxuries we provide at a private rehab. We use many luxury holistic services during programs, such as Marijuana Rehab, so that the client remains calm and relaxed during their stay at Passages Malibu. Relaxation is the key to a successful recovery as we have discovered that stress over counseling and peer-speaking sessions can cause the client to relapse.

Our luxury holistic services offer many therapy services, most of which are available as one-on-one therapy service. The individual counseling sessions allow the client to relax in the presence of the therapist and discuss the underlying issues without worry over the judgment of peers and staff members. Some of the holistic therapy that is available at this facility are massages, acupuncture, aromatherapy, art therapy, adventure therapy, physical training, and many other services specially picked out for your luxury recovery.

You can get the complete list of luxury holistic services used during rehab at Passages Malibu by calling 866-632-4107. You can call anytime without worries, we uphold privacy and confidentiality during all calls.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Passages Malibu has built its alternative philosophy if herbal and holistic treatment by building a foundation on the individuality of the client. We believe that no client is the same, we do not accept clients as “addict” here at our facility, for us, each client holds a special place that can only be carved out after their assessment.

By marking addiction as a “disease” and labeling clients as “addict”, we can do more harm than good. This is why we have employed an alternative form of recovery that does not follow the harsh and critical rules of conventional substance abuse recovery systems. The conventional systems characterize clients repeatedly, which makes them feel less of a human being and more of an addict. They are often consumed by their own addictive habits and forget their own individuality.

Our Philosophy aims to pull our clients out of their shells, we believe that the client is more than the sum of their parts. Sure, they need to heal spiritually, mentally, and physically, but there is a greater part, their identity, their sense of self, which needs to grow and become their own person. The holistic therapies and herbal remedies used during our rehab do not aim to change the person, we simply carve out a path, which the client can follow to become whole again.

Become a Part of the Passages Family

We hold the client at best regards at Passages Malibu so they become a sober person without being crushed by negative comments and judgmental stares of others. You can also receive our holistic philosophy of treatment at Passages Malibu be contacting us at 866-632-4107. We have answers to all your queries related to the holistic amenities and therapies used during specified drug programs such as Marijuana rehab.