Luxury Marijuana Rehab – What does it entail?

Each Rehab program is specifically designed to deal with the associated drug addiction, the Marijuana rehab is no different. We, at Passages Malibu, use a specialized approach that uses holistic treatments and luxury care to offer an easy transition into recovery. We understand the issues that are related to marijuana addiction, which is why each luxury service is added to the program after careful assessment of the client.

Comprehensive Planning and Individualized Treatment

No matter how severe your addiction might be, we offer you a safe and compassionate recovery. We believe that no addiction is untreatable; our individualized treatment planning ensures that each underlying issue is being dealt with. Upon arrival, each client is assessed and assigned a team of professionals. This team will prepare a personalized treatment plan, which you will follow while living in your own luxury room. The rooms have been designed to offer the best of comfort and have a gorgeous view of the Pacific seas. This layout ensures that the client is in a comfortable and open environment, where they can start a new journey.

Get Herbal Detox in Luxury

The planning is followed by detoxification sessions that put your need first and foremost. Not only are our detox services designed to offer luxury, but we also offer treatment through herbal remedies of the west. Our natural and herbal detox services provide a non-invasive phase of recovery that does not damage the client further. Rather, each of our detox services provides relaxation and comfort to the client as they gradually and luxuriously walk the path of recovery.

Use our contact number 866-632-4107 for detailed information about the luxury detox services available at our facility.

Passages Malibu – Holistic Remedy of Marijuana Addiction

Our treatment during the Marijuana rehab has solid holistic bases, from where we provide strength and support. Our aim is not to change you nor to mold you into a picture perfect everyday citizen; rather, we focus on providing a helping hand that allows you to grow individually. Due to our unique holistic philosophy, our clients are given utmost respect and support during the holistic treatment, which allows them to grow as a person. We use several holistic services to minimize stress such as Adventure therapy, Massage, Art therapy, Sound therapy, acupressure, Physical training, Hypnotherapy, Life purpose counseling, Marriage counseling, Family Counseling, Psychotherapy, Aromatherapy, many other of the like.

Become a Part of the Luxury Life at Passages Malibu

Our rehab has been designed to provide a refined holistic treatment, where the client is placed first. We aim to offer support to the client as a whole so they may grow as a person in our care. Our holistic healing therapies have been specifically designed with our holistic philosophy in mind, which allows the client to have an enriching experience.

You can become a part of our holistic luxury at Passages Malibu with ease, just call 866-632-4107 for more information regarding any drug treatment you or your family member requires.